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My name is Jim Cubitt and I have 28 years of plumbing experience. I grew up in Southern California where I enjoyed the ocean, surfing, and fishing. After getting out of the Navy, I moved to Sun Valley, Idaho where I went through my plumbing apprenticeship with my Uncle Bob’s plumbing business. I learned to work on all types of plumbing, from very large, high end, custom homes, to remodels and all types of service and repair. My Uncle Bob was a great man who also mentored me in other areas of my life. 
Later on, I moved to Oregon and worked for other shops to refine my skills on all types of plumbing, both residential and commercial. I saw a need in the Willamette Valley and always wanted to own my own business, so I started Lifeworks Plumbing, Inc in 2006. I am a locally owned family business, a father/son. Along with my plumbing business, I also have four grown children, my wife of 35 years, Tracie, who supports the operations of Lifeworks. And in 2019 my first grandchild was born. We go to Church on the Hill and are always learning & growing in our relationship with Jesus and his people.


Thorough, fair, and honest work is my strength and what I stand on. With years of experience in every aspect of plumbing, I have become very skilled at troubleshooting, paying close attention to detail, and doing clean work. I have worked on the Street of Dreams for two different years, as well as having done hundreds of high end homes in Sun Valley and Oregon.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. My Construction Contractors Board (CCB) # 175586

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